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Accelerating Cross-Border transaction of SME

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ACT-SME helps SMEs to adapt to global competition and internationalise to enhance their competitiveness and support their growth potential, also and especially in a cross-border transaction perspective.

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Training is the main result of the ACT-SME project, specifically designed for SMEs to build their capacity and overcome what are very often only informational or operational barriers to internationalization.

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ACT-SME includes 8 partners from 6 countries representing the various participants from SMEs’ internationalization process and VET systems.

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Business IT Commercialization Internationalization Market Study

ACT SME- Accelerating Cross-Border transaction of SME

Training is the main result of the ACT-SME project; it consists in a set of 10 courses specifically designed for SMEs to build their capacity and overcome what are very often only informational or operational barriers to internationalization due to lack of knowledge and tools on how to identify, access and exploit international business opportunities.

The fiches will be based on the thorough knowledge of partners both in SME development, international markets and in training solutions and capacity building for the SME segment.

Partners already defined the structure of the training content and therefore of the OER, which will be further developed according to the findings of the needs analysis O2. The fields identified are the following:

  1. 1. Internationalisation: what it is and how it works in practice
  2. 2. Commercial opportunities in International Markets: what does it mean for SMEs to engage in international transactions
  3. 3. How to operate in international markets:
    1. 3.a) Legal and regulatory aspects
    2. 3.b) Logistics and transport implications
    3. 3.c) Financial management: payment and fiscal regime
  4. 4. Internationalisation strategies: from supplier to international business
  5. 5. International value chains: how to penetrate new markets
  6. 6 Internationalisation: Business Intelligence Sources and Resources

OER platform will host the following:
  1. A) glossary; fiches in 6 languages divided into the 6 subjects
  2. B) reference material
  3. C) examples of PPT presentations
  4. D) case studies and analysis.

The training fiches will be easy to use, innovative exactly because of their ease of use, immediacy and ease to locate them through the searchable OER portal.

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