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Accelerating Cross-Border transaction of SME

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ACT-SME helps SMEs to adapt to global competition and internationalise to enhance their competitiveness and support their growth potential, also and especially in a cross-border transaction perspective.

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Training is the main result of the ACT-SME project, specifically designed for SMEs to build their capacity and overcome what are very often only informational or operational barriers to internationalization.

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ACT-SME includes 8 partners from 6 countries representing the various participants from SMEs’ internationalization process and VET systems.

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Ankara Governorship is the local public authority in Ankara Province. The Governorship has the legal capacity to coordinates and controls all state related activities in the city, like education, family and social policies, environment, immigration, planning and coordination, science, industry and technology, youth and sports, food and agriculture, public health and security, et cetera. One of the mission of our governorship is to support the human labour and the capacity of educational structure in meeting the needs of changing working life. Ankara is an important commercial and industrial city. It is on important crossroads of trade, strategically located in the centre of Turkey's highway and railway networks, and serves as the marketing centre for the surrounding agricultural area. Therefore, Governorship of Ankara is in strong cooperation with Ankara Chamber of Trade, Ankara Chamber of Industry, and Small and Medium Industry Development Organization. 


European Union and Foreign Affairs Unit was established in 2010 as a unit of Governorship of Ankara.

The aims of the unit are ;

-to prepare and to implement projects in the field of education, family and social policies, science, industry and technology, health, security, environment, public works, culture, tourism, agriculture, etc.

- to increase the number and quality of the projects developed in Ankara Province,

-to bring Europeanization dimension and new improvements of public administrations and civil society in Ankara,

- to provide guidance and counselling services for public institutions and NGOs working on EU Project,

- to announce all new calls for grants,

-to promote and disseminate outputs of the EU projects (by the database and a best practise exhibition which are preparing),


Some of activities and projects of the Unit in the field of training and europenisation are below,


· Conference on “Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments” (2012)

In March 13, 2012, Governorship of Ankara European Union and Projects Coordination Center organized a conference on the negotiation chapter 22 “Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments” in order to inform the institutions and organizations in Ankara which have significant roles in the EU accession process.


·  Several Training Courses for Designing Project according to the Methodology the European Union (from 2010-now)


·  The Capital Unites on the Path to EU (2010-2011)

Aim: Raising awareness on Turkey’s EU accession process and EU financial aids within the province by improving the administrative and technical capacity of the Governorship of Ankara EU Projects Coordination Center and all the supporting units in the districts


·  Ankara is Getting Ready for EU (2011-2012)

Aim: Raising awareness in Ankara public organizations towards EU funds.

· Social Interaction Project - Governorship of Ankara and Governorship of Diyarbakır

Aim: Exchanging experiences and best practices of capacity raising actvities in EU process

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