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Accelerating Cross-Border transaction of SME

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ACT-SME helps SMEs to adapt to global competition and internationalise to enhance their competitiveness and support their growth potential, also and especially in a cross-border transaction perspective.

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Training is the main result of the ACT-SME project, specifically designed for SMEs to build their capacity and overcome what are very often only informational or operational barriers to internationalization.

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ACT-SME includes 8 partners from 6 countries representing the various participants from SMEs’ internationalization process and VET systems.

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MATRIX-WORKMANLIKE Ltd., established in 2008, has reached a dynamically increasing income in the recent years, reaching a turnover of 153 mFt in 2014.

We have a wide range of profile: tender management and consultancy (making analyzes, writing studies) and other human services as well (for example communication, marketing, dissemination). Nowadays the enterprise has put more emphasys on tourism and facility management, according to market orders.

Within facility management we provide almost every operating- and maintenance services (having a considerable equipment fleet) and coordinating, carrying out or making certain services carried out. We can also give a helping hand when planning and constructing.

Since being established, the Ltd. has implemented many tender projects on several fields: building guesthouses and business centers, utilizating achievements of innovation, helping in real estate investments, business development and accessing market, providing business counseling and offering it’s services in public education as well.

One of the most grandious projects is the establishment of the first-class guesthouse and business center built in the region of Dél-Dunántúl, in Pogány, financed by ERFA subsidy. The establishment has an innovative architectural design and uses effective renewable technologies.

The main objects of policy and opportunities for further development:

-          diversification of activities: in order to reduce corporate exposure and staying up-to-date. Business leaders have decided to develop an R&D business in addition to the existing activities. This is a progressive development in long-term, concerning the rapid development and increasing widespread of innovative technologies.

-          strengthening market position: the international economic crisis made a huge effect on Hungary’s and the domestic SME’s business sector as well. It is important for enterprises to be aware of the possibilities offered for them to overcome the crisis and be able to prepare for further similar situations by taking advantage of resources available for development and therefore achieving new activities and markets as well as operating more cost-effective.


MATRIX-WORKMANLIKE Ltd. is dealing with the divisions of project management, business and marketing consultancy, tourism and facility management simultaneously.


Project management

Tender project management provides assistance to those companies having opportunity to realize the targets of EU or domestic tenders.



"Distance has always inspired people's imagination, has been the pole of their secret desire, in its reality undefined and undefinable, therefore always beyond reach."



Business- and marketing consultancy

Within business- and marketing consultancy we undertake the analysis of our clients’ business processes, independent supervision, alteration and examination of their projects.


Facility management

Within facility management we provide almost every operating- and maintenance services and coordinating, carrying out or making certain services carried out. We can also give a helping hand when planning and constructing, broken down as follows: technical facility management, infrastructural facility management and business facility management.


Accredited business consultancy

Accreditation number: ROP-VTSA-2011-0432

As the impact of globalization, market competition is increasing, which justifies the improvement of availability and quality of services in making SME’s course of business more effective, developing culture of entrepreneurship and offering consultancy in access to international market. With the help of these it is possible to improve the chances of efficiency, survival and growth of SMEs, which are the main aims of the construction as well as increasing the competitiveness of businesses and introducing high value-added economic activities in the regions.


The most important attitudes for MATRIX-WORKMANLIKE Ltd. are:

-          knowing and respecting the environment

-          customer focus

-          commitment to quality

-          information security

-          economical, entrepreneurial approach

-          committed team-work, yet respecting the individual

-          lifelong learning

-          the establishment of equal opportunity of 100%

-          sustainable future

We have a diverse clientele, having services avaliable for companies, NGOs and local governments as well, according to our referencies

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