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Accelerating Cross-Border transaction of SME

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ACT-SME helps SMEs to adapt to global competition and internationalise to enhance their competitiveness and support their growth potential, also and especially in a cross-border transaction perspective.

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Training is the main result of the ACT-SME project, specifically designed for SMEs to build their capacity and overcome what are very often only informational or operational barriers to internationalization.

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ACT-SME includes 8 partners from 6 countries representing the various participants from SMEs’ internationalization process and VET systems.

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Being established in 1963 for industrial development and industry based growth, Ankara Chamber of Industry (ACI) works for ensuring the efficiency of the industry along with 32 occupational groups and over 7000 members as well as three established Organized Industrial Zones in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.


Ankara Chamber of Industry undertakes a pioneering role on the province’s and Turkey’s economic, technological, social and cultural development by ensuring that industrialists from Ankara produce high value added products and increase their competitiveness with a vision to make Ankara a leader in industry and technology.


Through this vision the Chamber works for developing of social, cultural policies, projects and means of cooperation and making Ankara an attraction centre for industrial investments. On top of that, the Chamber contributes to the establishment of strong links between Turkey and the European Union (EU) through developing partnerships with European counterparts and a number of key projects.


Within the framework of its mission and responsibilities, the Chamber’s main activities are


¯  to organize face-to-face meetings for foreign trade missions in order to provide technical, commercial, financial and business cooperation,

¯  to provide tailor made specialized advisory services to build capacity on innovation and internationalisation, access to finance and funding opportunities, EU priorities and legal issues,

¯  to assist members in developing cross-border activities,

¯  to provide trainings for SMEs for capacity building in various fields,         

¯  to participate in national/international trade fairs and exhibitions; to create new markets and business opportunities through commercial and economic meetings and links with different foreign delegations,

¯  to guide the industrialists and conduct lobby activities to their favor.


The Chamber has been actively involved in national and international projects since 2009. The Chamber has 60 employees whereas 10 out of all employees are directly involved with preparing, executing and monitoring projects.


The leading projects of the Chamber in the field of training and internationalization are listed below,


§  ACI Vocational Training Academy, Central Finance and Contracting Unit, (Date: February 2009- February 2010, Budget: 203,866 $)

§  Establishment of ACI Vocational Testing and Certification Center, Central Finance and Contracting Unit (Date: January 2010-August 2013, Budget:  403.411 $)

§  Ankara Entrepreneurship Centre and Atelier /Engürü Business Center, Ankara Development Agency,  (Date: 22.12.2011-22.06.2013 Budget:  60.000 $ )

§  InnoSMEs- A Journey to Innovation, Central Finance and Contracting Unit, (Date: 22.11.2012-22.11.2013, Budget:  327.090 $)

§  COSME-EEN (Date: 2014-2020 EEN Participation, Anatolia Consortium Partner: 1 January 2015-1 January 17 Budget: 860.000 €)


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