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Accelerating Cross-Border transaction of SME

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ACT-SME helps SMEs to adapt to global competition and internationalise to enhance their competitiveness and support their growth potential, also and especially in a cross-border transaction perspective.

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Training is the main result of the ACT-SME project, specifically designed for SMEs to build their capacity and overcome what are very often only informational or operational barriers to internationalization.

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ACT-SME includes 8 partners from 6 countries representing the various participants from SMEs’ internationalization process and VET systems.

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EU Procurement Opportunities as a Means for SMEs’ Internationalization

Procurement is the process by which the public sector goes to the market to purchase (procure) goods, services and works All public sector entities irrespective of their function purchase through procurement (institutions, bodies, authorities, ...


COMPETITIVENESS – A DEFINITION: Ability of a firm or a nation to offer products and services that meet the quality standards of the local and world markets at prices that are competitive and provide adequate returns on the resources ...

Business Intelligence Sources and Resources for SMEs' Internationalization

The following script tries to introduce new terms, databases, methods and methodologies on the field of BI (business intelligence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_intelligence) for SMEs (small-and-medium-sized-enterprises: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_and_medium-sized_enterprises). ...


The most important step for sustainability of companies is sales and sales policies. Producing before sale means converting raw material being kept in warehouse into final product. Sale constitutes backbone of trade. Factory, raw material, ...

European Landscape for SME Development Tools, Sources and Resources

The Single Market is one of the greatest achievements of European integration as it establishes a market without borders and barriers for the free trade of goods and services within the European Union The Single Market is made of more ...

Internationalization Strategies

Companies have been looking for their place in international markets due to surplus of production being produced in today’s world, local competition and specialization on a particular product This issue is vitally important in each ...


Increasing demand and supply balance of international good and services Liberalization of foreign direct investment and capital movement in short term Changing role of multi-organizational companies, Re-establishing production network ...

ICT as a facilitator of online internationalization

International online marketing strategies vary across business models, but the basics remain the same. From search engine optimization to content marketing, accessing a global audience requires solid methods to guarantee that you are ...

How to use trademap

Trademap.org is one of the trade data of United Nations. United Nations publishes data gathered from statistic institutions of countries on trademap.org. Import and export data of all countries are published and import capacities of countries ...

How to operate in international markets

There is a unique customs tariff position for every product group and a specific customs tariff code for each product to make an international validity identification Specifying this codification is quite important as all operations ...

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